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who we are

Ken Clark, Ph.D., CSCS, USA-W, USA-TF

Applied Physiology and Biomechanics, PhD

About Dr. Ken Clark

Dr. Ken Clark is an Associate Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at West Chester University in Pennsylvania. Ken's research focuses on the underlying mechanical factors in athletic performance and injuries. Ken teaches Biomechanics and Kinetic Anatomy at the undergraduate level and teaches Motor Learning at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

Ken played collegiate football and has more than a decade of hands-on coaching experience including working with teams and athletes at the high school, collegiate, and amateur/professional levels. 


  • PhD, Applied Physiology and Biomechanics

    • Southern Methodist University

  • MS, Health and Physical Education/Kinesiology

    • West Chester University

  • BA, Psychology

    • Swarthmore College


  • CSCS

  • USA Weightlifting

  • USA Track & Field

what we do

Founded by one of the industry's most respected thought leaders, Ken Clark Speed exists to help athletes, teams, and coaches understand and implement the highest level of speed and performance science into their programs. 

Ken has dedicated his career to learning and researching the scientific principles of speed training and uniquely applying that knowledge on the track or game field with the sole objective of improving athletic performance and reducing the risk of injury. 

Ken has presented at a variety of sports performance events and has consulted directly with athletes, coaches, and educators from all levels. His ability to bridge the gap between speed and performance science and its application to sport creates the unique ability to add value across the sports performance continuum. 

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