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Ken Clark Speed offers a variety of individual and group training services as well as speaking engagements and educational seminars and workshops. 

For each engagement, we will work directly with you through a collaborative discovery process in order to ensure that the content and delivery meets your specific needs and is most impactful.


Private Anchor

individual/private training sessions

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We will work with you to identify your performance goals and timeline in order to develop custom programming to help you achieve your goals.

Each session will be comprised of unique training blocks and will be progressive based on your desired training frequency and duration.

Group Anchor

gRoup Testing & training sessions

Group 1.jpg

Through the discovery process, we will learn everything about the objectives of your group or team. We provide athlete testing and data analysis in order to develop the most effective programming and training solutions.

Seminars Anchor

seminars & Workshops


We will work with you to create customized educational content and visuals based on the needs of your audience. 

Content can be planned and delivered in-person or virtually.

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